Selecting Featured Artists

Our process for selecting featured performers is still in development.  T. Clear heads the selection committee.  Toward the end of this summer, 2017, T. plans to call a meeting of the selection committee.  At that time we intend to iron out guidelines and procedures for an orderly selection process and then begin that process for booking performers in 2018.  (Editorial comment: T. has already, mercifully, brought forth a huge degree of orderliness in Munro’s chaotic approach to selecting featured performers, for which Munro is grateful.  Thank you, T.!)

For the moment:

  • We are booked through the end of 2017. (Click link to the upper right to see the schedule.)
  • We have developed a fairly long list of candidates from which to select future performers.
  • If you have input or suggestions, please give to T, Clear, Peter Munro, Mark Johnson, Ra’anan David, Paul Nelson, or Sandra Larkman.
  • If you are interested in helping with the selection work, please come to the selection committee meeting to be held at the end of the summer.  Watch for notifications in the Easy Speak newsletter.