Previous Featured Artists

This is an incomplete list of performers who have served as featured artists at one or another Easy Speak.  Each name is a link to the page we made for them in the lead up to their performance.  On that page you may find links to their personal pages.

If  you were left off the list, please don’t take it as a slight.  Chalk it up to our still learning how to do this Interwebs sort of thing.

52nd Street Band

Arrindell, Daemond

Baldwin, Jamaica

Beaulaurier and Graham

Borsuk, Amaranth

Brasington, Kathleen

Brummett, Erika

Burgess, John

Caswell, Dennis

Clarke, Christine

Clear, Therese (T)

Coffin, Lyn

Crist, Larry

DeCoster, Tige

Dixon, Pat

Fewster, David

Flenniken, Kathleen

Folk Singers In Hell

Franklin, Monique

Golden, Sierra

Hayden, Susan

Hunter, Paul

Isaac, Graham

Jarmick, Chris (9/8/2014)

Jarmick, Chris (12/14/2015)

Kallos, Stephanie

Kaye, Robert P.

Kleinberg, J. I.

Larkman, Sandra

Leising, Jared

Ludwin, Peter

Malone, Erin

McAleer, Jay

McMahon, Ted

Michael, Erika

Morse, Sean

Munro, Peter

Myers, Jed

Roche, Judith

Seitz, Roy

Stanley, George

Swartz, L

Trease, Matthew

Walker, Jeanine

Wolkenstein, Bonnie