Easy Links


Easy Speak Seattle on FaceBook: This is the FaceBook page that serves our Easy Speak community.  It is linked with this website.

Jed Myers’s website

T. Clear’s blog

Peter Munro’s website

Paul Nelson provides advice to the Easy Speak collective and beautiful poems at the Easy Speak open mikes.  His blog is a great resource for all kinds of poetical things, from his love for the Beats to Cascadia and bioregionalism to plain old good poems.  Also, if you are experiencing difficulty navigating the universe, he offers free tools to help you find your way.  At least that’s what his site banner tells us.

Beacon Bards:  This is a reading series curated by Martha Silano.  On the second Wednesday of each month two prominent, local poets perform their work, followed by an open mike.

Chris Jarmick runs an open mike series, including a featured artist, on the second Wednesday of each month, competing head to head with with the Beacon Bards.  Fortunately, the two readings are separated by Lake Washington and so far there have been no reports of anyone coming to harm.  Chris’s reading series is called “Take A Poem From The Heart.”  His blog also offers an impressively comprehensive schedule of various literary performances around Puget Sound and beyond, to the broader Salish Sea.  (Great job of service, Chris, thank you.)

The Claustrophobia Readings:  Always reading to a packed house!  Here is what they say about themselves on their FaceBook page:  “Come closer, shake my hand and listen. A series of poetry readings in conventionally too-small spaces, occurring around Western Washington. Basements. Attics. Vans. Coffee stands. The head of a pin. Lovingly curated by Graham Isaac and Rachel Hug.”