Med Jyers

Med Jyers

Jed Myers got the whole show going.  Jed has founded more than one open mike series.  Jed’s last open mike, NorthEndForum, was the heart of Easy Speak Seattle since before there was an Easy Speak.  Sadly, NorthEndForum has come to an end.  Fortunately for Easy Speak, Jed remains a curator-at-large as well as the leader of the house band for Easy Speak Wedgwood, the 52nd Street Band.  You can find out more about Jed, including links to his work, at his website.





Yarwood figged by a leaf

James Yarwood is very tall. He would like you to know that the weather is exactly the same up there, and also suggests that you might not know how weather works. He has the silky intonations of a regional NPR affiliate, but don’t hold that against him. James is a writer of prose, and poetry. Some are better than others.

James teams up with T. Clear to curate Easy Speak Hummingbird.





You better not call her "Therese" unless you know how to pronounce it properly. The Irishwoman gets curiously touchy about the French accent in saying the character string represented by "T".

T. Clear

T. Clear believed the open-mikey-goodness of NorthEndForum should not be denied to the southern reaches of Seattle, so she started a thing called Easy Speak at the Hummingbird Saloon in Columbia City.  Thus it was T.’s brilliance that provided the name for our umbrella confederation of loosely defined associatons of open mike organizations.  [T. is sharp that way.  (Do not, I repeat, do NOT, attempt to match her pun for pun.)]  Further of T.’s wisdom and glittering wit can be found at her blog.





Spare trawl door for the F/V Sea Storm, plus one fisheries research poet

Spare trawl door for the F/V Sea Storm, plus one fisheries research poet

Peter Munro had Monday nights free at the time.  Then Jed grew weary and NorthEndForum cut back to just two Mondays per month.  That was not enough!  Munro started a complimentary gathering at the Wedgwood Ale House, the offspring, so to speak, of NorthEndForum.  You can find more of Munro’s poems at his website.