Roy Seitz

Monday, 13 April 2015

Sign-up at 8, show starts at 8:30, Roy will be featured around 9:20

ROY R. SEITZ at last…returns to the read of reads..

Roy.readingDubbed: the war poet, Roy has been featured performer and an open mic guy in and around the area for some years. 2006 Veterans for Peace convention, a couple of features at Burning Words open mic stage. He ran the Duvall read for four years:back-in-the-day.  He’s been this past year in Eugene…

His book Right Here Right Now is in its third printing.

from Kathryn Grace Bond:  The vibrancy and immediacy of his work will stun you This is neither a political rant nor a therapeutic exercise. These poems do not say: “War is terrible” or “War is glorious,” they simply say: “This is war.”  Roy’s storytelling is unflinching — definitely not for children — but wending through these poems is a deep respect for life and an enigmatic hope.