Philip Randolph

Monday, 13 July 2015

Sign-up at 8, show starts at 8:30, Philip will be featured around 9:20

Philip.HeadshotPhilip Randolph is the entire non-membership of a non-organization without the unofficial name, Poets Without Souls. He has been heard to claim that rather than a heart he only has a static impeller. Philip occasionally says, “The truth is always in poor taste,” and is always surprised when some persons take him literally enough to actually argue. After nearly thirty years of poetry readings, he still claims he isn’t a cowboy. Most Mondays Philip and a beer can be found herding a few stray words, or the other way around, at the North End Forum, Seattle. He also claims that it’s the character of a bio, rather than the content, that tells, perhaps, or at least something.

Currently Philip is writing an actually serious (mostly) aerodynamics book, Lift. At it’s center is a superb (!) 1894 (!) wave theory of lift. To support his writing he takes on electrical and plumbing projects. Each July Philip is a volunteer radio interviewer at the Arlington Fly-In.