Lyn Coffin

Monday, 11 May 2015

Sign-up at 8.  Show begins at 8:30, Lyn comes on around 9:20


Poet in the wild!

Lyn Coffin has just published two new books, one of fiction The First Honeymoon, was published by Iron Twine Press and received 477 bids for a publisher’s giveaway on Goodreads. It features a blurb by Joyce Carol Oates. The other is A Taste of Cascadia, two plays published by Whale Road Books. Her translation of the 12th century epic is forthcoming from Poezia this September. Bedouin Books will publish five of her plays in Russian and English (and five of Natalya Churlyaeva’s) this summer. Her poetry and that of Givi Alkhazishvili will be published this summer. She teaches Literary Fiction at UW’s Continuing and Professional Education.

Falling.HouseLyn Coffin has just had two poems posted to the website of a print journal called The Normal School. You can find them here: