Folk Singers In Hell

Monday, 10 November

Sign-up at 8, show starts at 8:30, Heidi and David around 9:20

Folk Singers In Hell is a duo comprised of David Fewster and Hiedi Fosner (bios following the photo).

Folk Singers In Howl

Folk Singers In Howl

David Fewster–Musicians call him ‘a poet.’ Poets call him ‘a musician.’ But both are really just saying the same thing: “You Don’t Belong Here.” His has appeared in the anthologies, Seattle Poems by Seattle Poets, Revival: Spoken Word from Lollapalooza 94 & Thus Spake the Corpse: An Exquisite Corpse Reader Vol. 2. His book “Diary of a Homeless Alcoholic Suicidal Maniac & Other Picture Postcards” was funded by the Tacoma Arts Commission.

Heidi Fosner is a singer/songwriter, educator, urban gardnener, and sometime music journalist for Victory Music Review. In 2008, she wrote original material (including a song set to a modern dance piece) for “Train”, a series of interdisciplinary performance pieces produced by Barefoot Studios and paid for by the Washington State and Tacoma Arts Commissions.