David Fewster

Monday, 27 March 2017

Sign-up wraps up at 8:00 and the show starts, David will be featured around 8:40

DAVID FEWSTER – Musicians call him ‘a poet.’ Poets call him ‘a musician.’ But both are really just saying the same thing: “You Don’t Belong Here.” His work has appeared in the anthologies, Seattle Poems by Seattle Poets, Revival: Spoken Word from Lollapalooza 94 & Thus Spake the Corpse: An Exquisite Corpse Reader Vol. 2. His book “Diary of a Homeless Alcoholic Suicidal Maniac & Other Picture Postcards” was funded by the Tacoma Arts Commission.

David comes to Easy Speak as one of us! Here is where he belongs. David has played the blues and sung for us, sometimes soloing, sometimes with the 52nd Street Band, and sometimes in duets with Heidi Fosner in that infamous wife-and-husband team known as Folk Singers in Hell. The Fewster has snarled his poems in our general direction and we love him for such exquisite abuse. But Easy Speak is not the only entity to lay claim to him! Check this out:

Couth Buzzard Books Press is proud to announce our first book, The Seattle-Tacoma Express: Selected Prose & Poetry:1989-2016 by poet and humorist David Fewster. Fewster’s book includes writings done during the alternative periodical ‘boom’ in such forgotten rags as Arterial Reader, Point No Point, Pioneer Square Independent, NEO, Open Sound, Emeralds in the Ash, Face II Face, Cups, when it rains from the ground up…, the Stranger–along with a smattering of columns from the Seattle Times ‘Sunday Punch’–a selection from “Diary of a Homeless Alcoholic Suicidal Maniac & Other Picture Postcards”–a chapter from “The Diary of Nanette Jenkins”–horrible jeremiads set in Tacoma–and more. Copies are available at Couth Buzzard Books.