Chris Clarke

Monday, 11 August.

Sign-up at 8.  Show begins at 8:30, featuring Chris around 9:20
bio pic clarkeChristine Clarke, Seattle, WA, is originally from Wisconsin, and has lived in the Seattle area for the past 25 years, where she divides her time between poetry and biology. Her poetry has received awards from the Seattle Public Library and Redmond Arts Council, and has appeared most recently in Clover, DMQ Review, 
Randomly Accessed Poetics, and Storm Cycle 2013: The Best of Kind of a Hurricane Press. As a biologist for the Center for Wildlife Conservation, she specialized in the genetics of species of the Cascadia Bioregion. She was also a columnist for the International Bear Association, where she explored the complex relationships between humans, wildlife and nature. Christine is interested in poetry as reflection of our place in the world and as a medium for personal and social change.